Bad Wolves & Ex-Singer Tommy Vext Get Into Social Media War

The fighting between Bad Wolves and former singer Tommy Vext flared up again yesterday (Wednesday) after the band released their new single "Lifeline" with new singer Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz.

The band's Twitter post used the phrase, "Desperate people do desperate things" repeatedly, and said that after Vext quit, "He quickly realized that nobody cares about him as a solo artist and that he can't make or sell music on his own. He can't write his own music so he released an edited version of our first single with his vocals on it."

The group added, "He tried to dupe fans into buying a covers record he didn't own only to be shut down by GoFundMe for fraud... But what's most desperate are the mountains of lies Tommy has told since leaving the band. It is clear he has no moral compass and is willing to say and do anything, regardless of the truth."

Vext responded about an hour later on Instagram while repeating the "desperate people do desperate things" phrase. He wrote, "Imagine a [band] of hired guns handed a massive record deal because their singer saved another rock star's life from alcoholism." (Vext is referring to his filling in for Ivan Moody inFive Finger Death Punch in 2017.)

The singer added, "Imagine being ousted, ridiculed, falsely accused, betrayed and abandoned and still carrying on. Imagine having your hard work and blood and [sweat] stolen by vengeful incompetence [and] inexcusable greed. Imagine going through all this and still packing up booking a tour after a global pandemic and selling more tickets [than] your famous band's headlining shows ever did."

So yeah, not thinking there's gonna be a reconciliation around the corner or anything.

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