Blink-182 Reflect On Decades-Long Relationship In Emotional Throwback Video

Photo of Travis BARKER and BLINK 182 and Mark HOPPUS and Tom DELONGE

Photo: Redferns

As promised, blink-182 shared the title track to their upcoming album ONE MORE TIME... on Thursday (September 21), and the music video is just as much of a tearjerker as the ballad itself.

From the first melancholic chords strummed and words Tom DeLonge sings ("Strangers, from strangers into brothers / From brothers into strangers once again") it's clear the song is going to be emotional trip down memory lane.

Tom hands off the mic to Mark Hoppus, who sings "I wish they told us, it shouldn't take a sickness / Or airplanes falling out the sky" as the band plays in front of a green screen that switches between different significant moments in their career, like the TRL set, bank vault from the "Rock Show" music video, and the cover of The Mark, Tom and Travis Show. At the end of the video, archival footage of the trio starts flashing on the screen as Tom asks "Do I have to die to hear you miss me? / Do I have to die to hear you say goodbye?" in the chorus.

"ONE MORE TIME" isn't the only song blink released today—they also surprised fans with "MORE THAN YOU KNOW," which is a fiery pop punk anthem. These singles follow lead-single "EDGING," which was released last year. ONE MORE TIME... is slated for an October 20 release and marks the first blink album with Tom DeLonge since 2011's Neighborhoods.

Listen to "ONE MORE TIME" and "MORE THAN YOU KNOW" below.

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