Chester Bennington's Legacy Displayed In Touching Mini-Doc Tribute

On Thursday (January 23), Chester Bennington's former band, Grey Daze, released a touching mini-documentary in his honor.

The pre-Linkin Park band fronted by Bennington released the short video discussing his legacy and his impact on themselves and the music industry as well as chronicling an album released in his honor.

The mini-doc, features anecdotes not only from Grey Daze members but also those closest to him including his mom, Susan Eubanks, dad, Lee Bennington, and son, Jaime Bennington.

“I knew he wanted to join a band,” his mom recalled. “He would tell us from the time he was little he was going to grow up and be a rockstar.”

Sean Dowdell, Grey Daze's drummer, explained how Bennington came to sing for the band and a look into his life as well as the moment they found out about his death. “As soon as he passed, of course, it was, 'oh my god, I lost my friend. Oh my god, my friend's wife is now a widow, my friend's kids are now fatherless,” Dowdell said. “It was all these emotions but there was still part of me that was like, 'oh my god, we didn't get to finish what we started together.'”

What they had started was an album that Dowdell and the rest of Grey Daze made sure they'd finish in honor of their friend. In the mini-doc, fans get a first-hand look at the creation of Grey Daze's upcoming album and how emotional it was for everyone involved.

On January 16, Grey Daze released, “What's In The Eye,” the first track that the late Linkin Park singer is featured on for the upcoming album.

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