Smoke From California Wildfires Spreading to New York City

A new forecast model from the National Weather Service predicts smoke from wildfires burning in California will travel 3,000 miles east, all the way to New York City. 

The weather service says wind lifts the smoke and carries it across the U.S. The smoke may even make it beyond the East Coast.

The largest wildfire in California's history, the Mendocino Complex fire, is among more than a dozen fires being battled in the state, CNN reports

Smoke traveling from the West Coast all the way to eastern cities isn't unprecedented. CNN notes that smoke from California fires last September stretched across the entire country. 

As long as the smoke stays high in the air, people on the East Coast have little to worry about in terms of health risks. But if the smoke is pulled down by the jet stream, it can degrade air quality. 

Exposure to wildfire smoke can cause respiratory issues with symptoms like those of a sinus infection. 

Studies have found that wildfire smoke is a large and over underestimated source of pollution. 

Photo: Getty Images