Elkfest is no more


It's a sad day for Spokane. Elkfest is dead.

Elkfest had a good run. The annual music festival in Brownes Addition began 13 years ago and quickly became one of the most anticipated events in Spokane, but its growth is what ultimately led to its demise. 

Every year thousands of music fans packed the streets of Brownes Addition to eat, drink and enjoy a weekend of live music. Unfortunately, not all the residents of Brownes Addition liked the crowds. Many wanted to see the festival come to an end and Washington state law was on their side. As one property owner pointed out, according to state regulation passed in 1971: "No music festival shall be operated in a location which is closer than 1,000 yards from any schoolhouse or church, or 500 yards from any house, residence or other human habitation unless waived by occupants." The Elkfest stage was just feet from homes and apartment buildings. Technically, Elkfest should have been getting permission from all of those residents in order to continue.

In addition, the city of Spokane requested more police presence at the event, but that came with a price tag: $4500. Who was going to pay for that? At the end of the day, Powell decided that it wasn't worth the fight. He says he's trying to be a 'good neighbor'. 

Some people say that Elkfest's grumpy neighbors should chill out and deal with it. Others say Elkfest was a nuisance and are happy to see it go. Either way, Elkfest isn't happening this year, and it probably won't be coming back. READ MORE.


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